PECS® IV+ is the solution for transitioning from PECS to high-tech AAC.  For learners who have mastered Phases I through IV of the Picture Exchange Communication System® using traditional PECS books, PECS IV+ is the high-tech next step!  From Pyramid Educational Consultants, the developers of the evidence-based and world-renowned PECS®, PECS IV+ allows users to construct a multi-picture Sentence Strip™ via a dedicated Sentence Starter™ page and up to 20 digital PECS book pages for the in-app voice to speak. 

Features of PECS IV+: 

Customize each book: 

Customize pictures:


Select from included profiles or create new profiles to customize:

Track student’s usage:

Pyramid Educational Consultants does not recommend starting functional communication training with an app or a speech generating device because these high-tech options do NOT require the social interaction that is crucial to communication and is the cornerstone of the Picture Exchange Communication System.  Functional communication training should begin with a traditional PECS Communication Book.  Research has shown that most learners can learn Phases I through IV of the low-tech PECS Communication protocol within 3- to 9-months.