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Picture Exchange Communication System!®

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I am so happy with the PECS IV+ app that I feel it is important to let people at Pyramid who developed this app know how this has changed my family life.
I have a 5 years old son Neel with Autism who has been using PECS book both in special school and at home since he was 2 1/2 years old. He is a Phase 5 PECS user. Neel is nonverbal but has good understanding of about 200 regularly used words, phrases and commands. I have always been very proactive in taking photos, printing them, cutting and laminating them and carrying the book with us not just at home but outdoors as well. As his PECS words increased- the book got bigger and a bit more difficult to manage. Also as parents we always wished if Neel will ever be able to use some kind of AAC. We trialed the picture card maker app on iPad so he could make choices on which songs he wanted to see on YouTube but it wasn't very successful. Others AACs were not appropriate for him.

Then 2 months ago I came to know that PECS have launched this app and I couldn't wait to get it. So we bought an iPad mini to be used as a dedicated communication device and installed the PECS IV+ app on it. Neel learnt how to use the app in less than 30 minutes!! So nearly 8 weeks have passed and Neel automatically goes for his iPad mini so he can ask what he wants in a 'manly voice'. As he is good in remembering spoken words, he is better with the app as the speech synthesiser actually says the word and Neel can remember what a new symbol stands more quickly.

No more cutting photos, laminating them and risking that my 20 month old will lose the photos from the book. This app is great and has literally changed our life! we take it everywhere.

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN to everyone who has contributed to making this app. Just like Steven Hawking, our little Neel also has a voice now !

Kind Regards,
Ritu Iyer

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